There's nothing more useful in the summer than a good tote bag... whether lugging round the kids' bits, your library books, a nice picnic or whatever, they're so handy to have at the ready and these Alphabet Tote Bags from Alphabet Bags are just perfect - form and function! 

I got an L bag a couple of years ago for christmas from my brother and I've had so many people stop and ask me where it's from... It's such a simple idea but kind of cool to have a bag with your initial on, or you could choose a letter to suit any reason you fancy! 

And these mini versions are perfect for kids, or for party bags... I'm going to get Tabitha a T bag for the summer, to carry all her bits and bobs to the park.

Check out the website for the full selection - there's purses, slogan bags, wash bags and more! 

Here's my favourite of their slogan bags!  

All images via Alphabet Bags


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