Neon Nails


Saturday, 25 May 2013

The sun is barely out but I've still got summer on the brain... I can't stop thinking about neon red nail polish! I don't really do manicures - as much as I'd love to get them on a regular basis, I generally can't justify the spend and so instead with a little bit of effort (and time, that's the tricky one!) I try to do just a good a job myself.  So, I did a quick scour of the internet and found just the ticket for amazing neon red nails - American Apparel's Neon range, for £9. Or for a bit less I reckon this Orange Attack from Maybelline at £2.99 could look just as good.  I think I might do a bit of experimenting this weekend!  Well, we all need a bit of me time and a shot of neon would look so great with that denim tee... 

Update: Rimmel Salon Pro in Hip Hop was the perfect shade!

Denim Tee


Thursday, 23 May 2013

How cool is this denim tee from  It's such a simple cut, it would go with everything and look great in the lead up to summer (you hear that summer, we're waiting for you!) I like that it's as simple as a t-shirt but kind of edgier!

At This Very Moment


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mec just sent me this link for a short film At This Very Moment - check it out, it's really good.  This is the sort of thing I love, just finding out about people, how they live their lives, etc. So inspiring and yet so ordinary at the same time. Would love to know what you think...

Slow Decorating Movement


I was reading a nice little blog the other day, two+two, that I've just discovered (and Jen is from St Albans, isn't it a small world!) and there was this funny post on there about starting a slow decorating movement... When I read it I thought, yes, that's so true... As much as I love pouring over the internet finding inspirational images of amazing homes that were gutted and resdeigned from scratch, for most of us turning our houses into our dream homes is an slow, ongoing project, but so worth it if we can stick with it! I've been meaning to post for ages that we finally finished our kitchen recently, after waiting for over 6 years to get around to it, and then it actually taking about 4 months to do when we finally did get around to it (thanks to my lovely husband who worked very hard doing the whole project himself).  I'm so pleased with how it turned out... there's still a few things to do like putting plates and prints up on the wall and working out where things might live permanently (I love my bread maker but slap bang in the middle of my worktop, I'm not so sure!).  

The next project is fixing up the lovely 1960s Ercol dining chairs I bought from Ebay which I promised my husband would look fab once brought back to life a bit... all in good time! So here's to the slow decorating movement, because good things come to those who wait!

*washing up left out to dry on the draining board optional in your dream kitchen, that's just the way we roll round here! :)

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