Hooray For The Weekend


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Boy I'm tired! These 5am starts at the moment are starting to catch up with me and between looking after the kids all day, tidying my bomb site of a house, and cooking for my friend who came for dinner this evening, Friday has slipped by in a blur!  It's all good though, and as of Monday I'm off on holiday for a week so can't complain. Looking forward to a much needed rest! 

I hope you have a good weekend - here are a few things you might like...      

Loved Grayson Perry's recent three-part Channel 4 documentary "All In The Best Possible Taste" on British class and taste - if you missed it you should try and watch it on catch up.  Recognise yourself?!

As you know I'm a fan of Fine Little Day - their stuff is so beautiful, and these gorgeous wool blankets are no exception!  I'm in love with the yellow...

My brother emailed me this article he'd read about toddlers and modern technology, like TV, iPads, iPhones, etc.  It's an interesting debate - Tabby loves CBeebies and can practically can use our iPad with her eyes closed... are we making a huge mistake?!

Spots vs Stripes?


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I think it's just possible that I might have to cheat on stripes with spots! This spotty blouse from Topshop is so pretty and I love the exposed zip.  Yep, I've got my eye on you!

Bed Linen


A friend of mine recently mentioned she was thinking of revamping her bedroom and asked me if I'd seen any nice bed linen sets, since she was finding it hard to come across anything she liked.  Everyone's taste is different of course but here's what I'd choose at the moment.  Our bedroom walls at home are plain white, and we have with an oak bed frame and a white sideboard, so personally I like bold, graphic patterns and prints for duvet sets to add some personality into the room. But if that's not your cup of tea then a calming pale grey or even crisp white set with a few mix and match cushions to inject your style into the room would look great too.    

Here are some print and patterned sets...

Orla Kiely, Tiny Stem Set, £75

Orla Kiely, Scribble Stem Set, £75

Anorak, Kissing Robins, £55

John Lewis, Oslo Woven Check Set, £35

Habitat, Freddie Set, £30

Or go for a plain simple set and add patterned cushions. Here are some ideas...
Ikea, Malin Lov cushion, £3.99 (!)

Ikea, Stockholm cushion, £15.99

Ferm Living, Spear cushion, Small, 54 euro

Anorak Kissing Horses cushion at Urban Outfitters, £40

John Lewis, Geometric Print cushion, £25

Father's Day


Monday, 18 June 2012

I love this photo, it really sums up exactly what yesterday was all about! Despite the overcast skies we had a great weekend at the beach for Father's Day, barbecuing hotdogs on the deck of the beach hut and eating homemade rocky road for afters... oh so good!  Tabby had a blast, hunting for crabs in the rock pools (she found one) and eating way too many ice creams, and Sam got his first glimpse of the sea, when he woke up at last! A good time had by all I think!

 Hmm, can't think why she's got a cold now!

Hot dogs for everyone!

Sam keeping warm in the beach hut!


Hooray For The Weekend & Happy Father's Day


Friday, 15 June 2012

I had one of those moments this morning when you first wake up and think it's the weekend, only to suddenly realise it's not.  D'oh, don't you hate it when that happens.  Mec always asks me why I get excited about the weekend when surely it's pretty much the same as the rest of the week for me, but it is different.  Even though I don't do the Mon-Fri, 9-5 routine, the weekend still feels like a much needed break from the running errands and general hum-drum of the weekdays.  And it's mostly different because I have someone else on my team for two days, to be my sidekick, to drink tea with ... Daddy!  Which leads me nicely onto Father's Day...

Have you got anything planned for Father's Day?  I've got something simple & fun planned for the family but will leave it til Monday to hopefully share photos rather than saying here and now in case Mec reads this.  We're heading off to the seaside though so crossing our fingers for at least some sunshine in between the rain showers!

Have a nice weekend and here are a few things on my mind at the moment -

I have a real itch this weekend to watch Somewhere on DVD - have you seen this? It's kind of slow and subtle, but a real gem if you stick with it.  (If you loved Lost In Translation you'll totally get it)

Love this teapot - simple design and so many colours to choose from... I think I'm feeling either the yellow or the turquoise at the moment.

Feeling uplifted by the floral prints at Whistles - this Wild Meadow Shift Dress is so cool with it's pretty floral print yet simple, unfussy cut.

Lastly, I'm still smiling from a sweet little spontaneous picnic I had in the park with Tabby this week... she was so funny.  I picked a patch of grass to sit down and she said "what a beautiful, quiet spot mummy. Let's tuck in"... It was like she'd read appropriate things to say at picnics or something and was just waiting for the right occasion to use them!  Here's a quick shot of Tabby striking a pose during our picnic.

Native Shoes


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

This is a blatant repost from a couple of blogs that I follow (Cup of Jo, NYC Taught Me), but if like me you have small kids you might find these cool...

It's hard to find hip looking, durable and comfortable outdoor playshoes for the little ones that won't get scuffed or wrecked after one afternoon's play yet these seem to fit the bill!  Native shoes have the awesome look of trainers but the practicality of say, Crocs (which let be honest aren't going to do much for your child's street cred - although yes, Tabby does indeed have a pair in red).

I might be the last to know but you can get these in John Lewis, amongst other places, and for around £30 they seem like a good buy for a decent summer's worth of play.  I'm loving the green pair!

Images via John Lewis website

Summer Dresses


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Despite the crap weather so far this summer (seriously, apart from that one hot week a fortnight ago it's been raining since April hasn't it?!) I've not been deterred by the rain in my endeavour to fill in the gaps in my summer wardrobe, and so recently I've quietly been making a wish list...

First up, has anyone noticed this gorgeous maxi dress from French Connection?  Or more to the point has anyone got the £195 going spare to buy it?  Unfortunately I don't but still this statement chevron print dress is top of my wish list.

On a more affordable note I've found some great dresses at Mango and think either of these maxi dresses, below, might be perfect.  

Loving these cute sun dresses too...

If I was feeling a little braver about my post-baby body I absolutely love this dress from Topshop, but for now will only daydream about feeling bold enough to wear such an attention grabbing bright colour and in such a sheer fabric.  

Finally another budget buster for me unfortunately but if I had the cash I love this oversized polkadot sundress at Madewell.  (Would look so cool with these shades, in red, that I've also got my eye on... but then don't get me started on sunglasses!)

I Need Sleep & Hooray For The Weekend!


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Oh what I wouldn't give to be the sleeping princess in this photo below!... The past 8 weeks of sleep deprivation have finally caught up with me this week and I feel like I've been barely functioning for the past few days.  Hence all quiet on the blog front and pretty much in all areas of my life this past week.  For some reason the long bank holiday weekend seemed to make me feel worse instead of rested.  The general party atmosphere, along with Mec being off work, meant I decided to stay up recklessly late (by which, as most parents of a small baby will know, I mean gone 10pm!!) and eat nothing but tea and cake for 4 days under the guise of celebrating the Queen's Jubilee!  So this weekend is all about sleeping whenever I get the chance and trying to hit some of my 5-a-day in order to reverse the effects of my recent cake habit! I hope you've got a relaxing weekend planned too :)      

My two and a half yr old monster, disguised as a princess for a street party last weekend!

Hooray For The Weekend


Friday, 1 June 2012

Hope you have a lovely long weekend despite the drop in weather.  I've kick started my weekend tonight with a bottle of wine and a take out with the girls, to be followed by a street party on Sunday if the weather holds out. (I can't say I'm a big Jubilee fan myself but who doesn't like an excuse for a party and Tabby will love the novelty of being allowed to play in the street!) Hopefully the sun will start to make a reappearance later in the week and we haven't just had the best of the summer!!

In the meantime, here's a few things from around the web that I'm liking...

How cool is this shirt

I really, really want this cake stand - I'm even baking more so I can justify to myself that I really, really need this cake stand! The yellow is my favourite but the red is cool too.

Love the nautical style of this swimsuit from J Crew, but think this swimsuit  from Accessorize is more my budget at the moment (and thanks to two kids I need a one-piece, luckily they're in right now!)

Anyway, enjoy the bunting and the cucumber sandwiches, wherever you are!

Brother & Sister Bonding


One of our main concerns when planning to have a second child was wondering how it was going to affect Tabitha... Was she going to be seriously put out to find another little person had moved in?! Would she struggle to adapt to not getting all the attention anymore after 2 and a half years of being in the No.1 spot?! Yes probably, we thought, but we hoped that with a bit of encouragement and the bribery of Smarties that she would soon learn to love and accept our new arrival and I'm pleased to report that so far so good! It's so great to see the beginnings of a bond forming between Tabby and Sam, and despite only being 7 weeks old Sam seems to be in awe already of his big sister! They like nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa...

This photo of Sam smiling up at Tabby makes my heart melt... too cute!

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