Native Shoes

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

This is a blatant repost from a couple of blogs that I follow (Cup of Jo, NYC Taught Me), but if like me you have small kids you might find these cool...

It's hard to find hip looking, durable and comfortable outdoor playshoes for the little ones that won't get scuffed or wrecked after one afternoon's play yet these seem to fit the bill!  Native shoes have the awesome look of trainers but the practicality of say, Crocs (which let be honest aren't going to do much for your child's street cred - although yes, Tabby does indeed have a pair in red).

I might be the last to know but you can get these in John Lewis, amongst other places, and for around £30 they seem like a good buy for a decent summer's worth of play.  I'm loving the green pair!

Images via John Lewis website


  1. Wow these are so cool and I don't even have kids!! Perfect for those croc-haters as well....

    1. Funky aren't they, like a cross between jelly shoes and converse!


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