I Need Sleep & Hooray For The Weekend!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Oh what I wouldn't give to be the sleeping princess in this photo below!... The past 8 weeks of sleep deprivation have finally caught up with me this week and I feel like I've been barely functioning for the past few days.  Hence all quiet on the blog front and pretty much in all areas of my life this past week.  For some reason the long bank holiday weekend seemed to make me feel worse instead of rested.  The general party atmosphere, along with Mec being off work, meant I decided to stay up recklessly late (by which, as most parents of a small baby will know, I mean gone 10pm!!) and eat nothing but tea and cake for 4 days under the guise of celebrating the Queen's Jubilee!  So this weekend is all about sleeping whenever I get the chance and trying to hit some of my 5-a-day in order to reverse the effects of my recent cake habit! I hope you've got a relaxing weekend planned too :)      

My two and a half yr old monster, disguised as a princess for a street party last weekend!


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