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Thursday, 23 January 2014

How cute are these dolls from Naked Lunge (weird name I know but I think they were going for something memorable!). I came across them whilst researching some new stock ideas for a neat little shop.com. They are hand painted designs drawn onto white cotton and then sewn into perfect little dolls just right for little hands (they have cool contrast backing like black and white polka dot, or chevron designs too!). They'd make a perfect little baby present or I can even see Tabby playing with them, sitting them all round for a tea party of a picnic! You can either choose from a selection of ready made designs, or they can make customs dolls for you based on your own idea. I think they're fab so maybe an idea for the shop at some point...

 I think this one is my favourite!

Once again I've been slack and not posted on here in a while, but in fairness things have not exactly been quiet around here.  We seem to have gone from starting the new year with no particular plans or designs for change, to suddenly being 3 weeks into January and we've sold our house! I'm not really sure what our plan is exactly, we've been talking for ages now about trying to move somewhere bigger but it seems we've started the ball rolling on the spur of the moment. So we're house hunting and crossing our fingers for something bigger and better (yet affordable!) to show up. 

I've also decided to really make more of an effort this year to work on a neat little shop.com and so have been trying to turn my attention to researching and sourcing some new stock, focusing my direction and also working on a new look for the site. It's nice to feel that I have some new energy to put into it.

2014 really could be an exciting year after all!

New Year, New Nails


Monday, 6 January 2014

I'm not really one to do a 'beauty post' as such, as generally make up trends and beauty regimes are something I don't really keep up with or hardly have time for! That said I love nail polish and think it's a brilliantly simple and inexpensive way to change the way I look and feel, when I can't afford to buy the shed loads of clothes that I really want! I'm a big fan of classic red in Spring and Autumn, and in Summer I like to take it a notch brighter with more of a fluro red. But in Winter it's got to be a deep, dark red, verging on oxblood colour, don't you think?!

I don't normally splash out on expensive nail polish but it was Christmas and my lovely mum thought I was deserved of a treat so she bought me this wonderful YSL nail polish no.6 which is just the colour I was after. I spent Christmas eve drinking baileys and painting my nails (and watching Elf), which was just the sort of start to Christmas I needed!

Another nice little surprise was getting this Essie nail polish in Chinchilly in my stocking from my lovely husband (I mean Father Christmas!). I have to admit at first I wasn't sure, grey might be very on trend but would it look ok on me?! (I have enough grey sweatshirts by now, what was I worrying about!) And of course it's turned out to be very cool and I'm definitely into my grey nails right now... who'd have thought my husband would be blazing the trail for me in nail polish trends! 

So now I'm going to try and at least once a fortnight make time to give myself a mini manicure and colour my nails, a little bit of me time amidst all the chaos!

Sale Temptation


Thursday, 2 January 2014

So has anyone else been hitting the sales or have you been good? I've been trying my best not too look - in shops, online, anywhere basically - in order to avoid temptation! I got some lovely presents for christmas (thanks Mec for my Roses de Chloe perfume and that Zara jumper in Navy that found it's way to under the tree!) and so I really don't need anything but it's hard not to be bitten a little bit by the sales bug... Therefore I think I've done well in only really treating myself to one thing which was this fabulous grey sweatshirt from Whistles. It has a cute boxy shape, and unusual black stitch detailing which sets it apart from other plain grey sweatshirts. I'm very happy :)

I have to say these pictures don't really do it justice but those people at Whistles like their austere photos don't they! I think it's sold out now on the Whistles website, but you can still get sizes 12 and 14 at John Lewis.com. 

Happy sale shopping!

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