I Heart H&M Part 2


Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Here's a few snapshots of Tabitha in the park today in our favourite new purchase from H&M, a gorgeous deer print smock dress (with a bit of room for growth admittedly!)  I love the heart pockets and bow detail... If only it came in my size!

I Heart H&M


Ever since Tabby was a tiny baby H&M has been one of my first port of calls for cool baby basics on a budget.  Their neat range of coloured and stripy bodysuits (I have a weakness for stripes!), soft baby jeans and leggings made it easy to achieve that babyGAP look at half the price.  But as she moved up into the Younger Girls section I have to admit what seemed like a sudden onslaught of pink, frills and Hello Kitty (!) did phase me a bit at first and I wasn't sure if H&M and I were going to get along any more... However I'm pleased to say that their current Spring/Summer range is looking very cool and there's some really gorgeous summer dresses and blouses out there now. I can't wait to kit Tabby out for the sunshine now!

And even better.. not one of these below is more than £10!

This spotty blouse is so gorgeous it's definitely time to be swapping stripes for spots!

Such a cute print!

Anchors away!



Tuesday, 28 February 2012

So, it's in excitement and trepidation that I'm hitting publish on my first post!  I've been thinking for the past few days how to kick things off, and then of course it just dawned on me that really all I have to say right now is Hello! I'm really excited to see the direction that this blog will take and any new friends I might meet along the way...

Hello Postcards image from Keep Calm Gallery -
If you like the look of these postcards click the link below to jump to their charming website and see more of their lovely stationary and prints!

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