Cool Interiors


Thursday, 31 May 2012

Just a quickie - wanted to repost this home tour from blog SFGirlByBay as I think the interior decor is amazing.  Can't stop looking at the photos - love the super dark walls against the white, and the wooden floors are gorgeous.  My finger is currently hovering over the Add to Cart button on Fine Little Day for these ace black and white print cushions as seen in the lounge shots! I want to do more than steal their style though, I want to move in!

I Like It Print


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It was our wedding anniversary the other week (5 years, where does the time go!) and instead of buying presents for each other Mec and I have kind of started a tradition of buying something jointly for the house, like artwork or furniture, etc, which we can both enjoy.  For someone who's into interiors and design it's certainly an arrangement I'm happy with (although if you're reading this hon I still like presents too! Ha ha!).  For this anniversary we decided to go with an Anthony Burrill print, "I Like It", below.  

I Like It, Anthony Burrill, £40

I think it's going to look great on our lounge wall.  We actually already have this print from Burrill, which I love - such a great, simple motto.  I'm looking forward to adding our new print along side it! 

Summer Sandals


There's nothing like a sudden change in the weather to make you realise how unprepared your wardrobe is for the season ahead! The recent hot spell has been great but it's been more than a little tricky finding something to wear everyday, especially since I pretty much gave up clothes shopping whilst I was pregnant.  I don't know about you but I get really grumpy when I don't like what I'm wearing so I need to shop for some the summer essentials asap!  The most obvious gap in my wardrobe at the moment seems to be a great pair of summer sandals - a staple item really that goes with everything.  I've been searching the high street for a suitable pair and so far these are my favourites - I love the classic tan leather with the pop of colour!

From left, clockwise: Somme Sandal, Monsoon, £25 / Perry T-Bar Flat Sandal, French Connection (available at £52 / Hatty Bow Sandal, Topshop, £24 / Strappy Gladiator Sandal, Marks and Spencer, £25

Beautiful Trays


Monday, 28 May 2012

How beautiful are these birch wood trays from Ary Trays, by British textile designer Asta Barrington.  Now that the sun is shining it's great to be able to eat outdoors and get friends together for a BBQ, and one of these trays would be perfect for serving your guests in style! (Is it just me or is the white one just crying out to be used to carry a round of Mojitos?!)

Folk Stripe Tray, White/Red
Large £39 / Small £26

Images via Ary Trays.  Trays also available from SCP

Afternoon Fun In The Sun


Thursday, 24 May 2012

It's been so nice to have the sun out this week! After weeks of rain (I know, it's been much needed but I think it's rained almost everyday since Sam was born... enough already!) we made it out for a picnic in the park this afternoon and it was really pleasant.  Tabby's best friend Harry bought his car collection to play with which Tabby loved and Sam enjoyed his first taste of sunbathing.  Hooray for the start of Summer!

I Heart This Jumper


Whilst reading one of my favourite blogs, Oh Joy! this fab Heart Jumper caught my eye... I want it! I'd probably wear it with skinny dark jeans and red ballet flats (as I usually put everything with jeans!) but I really admire Joy's summery look with the jumper over a maxi dress.

Images via Oh Joy!

New Routines


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

So it turns out I've not fallen off the edge of the earth but in fact just discovered how crazy it is to have two kids! I'm sure it'll get easier as Sam is only 6 weeks so still tiny but at the moment it seems impossible to have any control over my time and what I can get done during the day.  I read this yesterday on Merry Mishap and which made me smile as I thought yes, my thoughts exactly!  I think I'm driving Mec mad with my constant nagging about the state of the house but keeping it clean and tidy just seems so overwhelming at the moment and being at home all day means it's all I can see and think about! I feel like ordering a large skip and chucking all our stuff out (except for the essentials - if I could work out what those are!)

Now that I'm trying to adjust to a new routine it's become really interesting to me to know how other mothers manage their time, and whether I could be doing things better/differently to carve out some time for myself.  There was this great series called My Balance a while back on Cup Of Jo which interviewed several mums about their day to day routines - it's an interesting read if you want to check it out.  Admittedly they're all working mums and have to balance family life with work life, which I do not, but it's still interesting to take a sneak peak into other people's lives, and one day I'll have to return to work in some way or another!

It would be great to see some interviews like this of local mothers who juggle parenting with work or other interests.  How do you fit it all in? Do you wish you could find a better way of managing your time?

Baby Brain


Friday, 4 May 2012

So I've been trying to post for days now (or is it weeks?!) and thought it would be apt to post about "baby brain" as since having Sam I've caught a serious case of it!! So far it's taken me 15 mins to write this sentence and now Sam's woken up and is crying!...

I have never been the most organised of people, and am usually running late for everything, but since having Sam I have really noticed a change in my ability to hold a train of thought or focus on a conversation.  I guess my attention is just wholly on Sam at the moment (and Tabitha of course!) and so my concentration span is at capacity at the moment.  Did you ever get "baby brain" after your children? How long did it last?  Here's hoping my brain hasn't permanently left the building!  

Here's a few photos of Sam from today - we were spending a little one-to-one time in the car whilst waiting for his big sister to finish her ballet class.  He's only 3 weeks old but already he's got such a character.  I love him! 

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