Do or Don't: Dungarees


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

I'm fairly sure this look is one that divides people down the middle, and probably the majority will be saying, hey, nooo way! But there will be some who think, yeah, I get that. It's a love/hate thing I think... And that thing is dungarees on grown women.

I have to confess to wearing dungarees A LOT when I was about 11, back in 1991, and I'm fairly sure I wasn't the only one. Sure, the 90s are back, but I'm not sure my 11 year old self is a look I'm up for recreating. Especially since the ones I wore were maroon! Eek!

However, that being said, I've been stumbling across various images of very cool women in dungarees and can totally see why for some this trend is working.

I am fully aware that I am not really up there in the effortlessly cool, this-is-just-something-i-threw-on stakes with any of these women, nor do I spend my days wandering around NYC or somewhere similarly cool that isn't St Albans. But still I just can't let go of how much of a fun trend it would be to experiment with, and when it's done right it does look kinda cool.

What do you reckon? A no go or worth a chance?

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

This is the pair from Topshop that I've been staring at and wondering should I?

Autumn Wardrobe


Sunday, 16 November 2014

So whose loving checked shirts right now? Or plaid as we now all call them thanks to our american blogger friends! I got this one from Zara above, and I love it. Tomboy cool at it's best.

As promised to myself back in October I had a good clear out of my wardrobe and whilst I've not exactly devised a capsule wardrobe to see me through the winter, I did find it really useful in honing in on my style, taking note of what I seem to like and buy lots of (grey tops anyone?!) and what trends I might have bought into but never actually wore (hello charity shop). So with a clearer insight into what clothes I need for the rest of autumn and winter ahead, I've been shopping. 

I'm loving this 'shacket' from Topshop, which sounds more distasteful than it actually is. It's great for going over a tee or sweatshirt, rolling the sleeves slightly for a casual look.  

And also from Topshop, I bought this chunky cable knit card, which I've been wearing loads.

My beloved plaid shirt from Zara - I'd almost be tempted to get this in the Navy colour way too, but don't want to over do it! 

And finally on a bit of an impulse I bought this circular cut denim skirt from Oliver Bonas. I'd seen it in the sale in-store and was tempted but had been spending a lot recently so thought best leave it - but then I saw it further reduced online and it seemed meant to be. I've worn it a lot this week, my only bugbear is that I seem to be between sizes on this one and so it's slightly big around the waist, but figure if it drives me mad and I want to wear it lots then I can nip it in at the sides. I love it's simple pared back style, and perfect pockets!

All in all I'm pleased with my recent buys and have lots of wear out them already - there's lots more I could have bought at the moment, but right now it's time to stop buying clothes and turn my attention to Christmas shopping, it's that time of year folks! 

Navel Gazing


Friday, 14 November 2014

Well once again I ended up taking a massive blogging hiatus without really meaning too, but for some reason I just lost my blogging nerve. I felt self conscious about what I wrote, how I wrote, and couldn't help feeling anxious over was my blog actually any good. This always crops up with me... Am I good enough? Is this good enough? If I take up a new interest or hobby I immediately want to give up if whatever I'm doing doesn't turn out good straight away. Sounds childish right? And as a parent I always tell my kids, hey practice makes perfect, or it's about the fun of doing something not the outcome, etc.. But these things are always harder to listen to when it's you talking. So I'm back, not because I'm suddenly over my wobble but because I simply realised I enjoy blogging and life's too short to give myself such a hard time! 

I've not been up to much whilst I've not been blogging, just enjoying the awesome autumn we've been having, oh and watching The Great British Interior Design Challenge. We're still trying to move house (is there a record for the longest, drawn out house move ever? We might be up for it!), the kids are settling in well to school and playgroup, and I've also gone and got myself a part time job. I've not started yet, but I'm looking forward to earning a bit of money again and getting a change of scene from the house and housework! I'm going to be working at a new local independent cinema that's opening up in St Albans. There's already a fab cinema in a nearby town of Berkhampstead, which is owned and run by the same chap - and he was brave enough to buy our old Odeon cinema here and restore it back to it's former art deco glory so as a whole town we're excited for it to open! I'm fairly happy working with the public, I love the cinema and films, so all in all it should be a good way to return to work. Did I mention I'm looking forward to it?!

What have you been up to recently? Do you ever have "wobbles"?

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