Rainy Day


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Is it just me or is anyone else enjoying this rainy day we're having?! My house is vaguely tidy (for those who know me you'll know this is an achievement and for that I have to thank my friend Lynsey who came round with her kids for a playdate this morning - there's nothing like the prospect of a visitor to get me doing housework!) apart from the lounge (see below, is it the summer holidays after all!) and it's actually really nice just to have a lazy day at home without the pressure of feeling like I should be out and about with the kids providing some sort of organised fun in the fresh air.  As it is, Sam's asleep and Tabby is engrossed in Sofia the First (again) and it's, well, peaceful :) Oh and I've been eating my way through a tub of chocolate cornflake cakes.. oops!

Toy carnage!

After starting the day in a sundress, Tabby wises up to the downturn in the weather and puts on a random selection of winter clothing... It's freezing apparently!

Said chocolate cornflake cakes... yum!

Stool Makeover


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Summer is a great time to take on some projects around the house and we've certainly got our fair share of things to do! In particular we really need to finish off our kitchen, the main part is done but the utility and back door area are still littered with bits of wood and tools.  All in good time I guess! A little project that did seem quick and easily achievable though was making over our little Ikea stool we bought for the kids to use around the kitchen.  In bare wood it was too boring and getting easily marked with sticky fingers, so I decided it was a good opportunity to inject a bit of colour into our kitchen.  I love how it turned out, the bright yellow is so sunny and really pops out against the white units. It was hot work as, of course, I chose one of the hottest weekends of the year to get painting but I think it was worth it in the end! :)



Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I'm loving Baggu shopper bags at the moment... At first glance they might not seem like much to shout about, but these durable shopper bags come in an array of cool colours and prints, and I love their pared down style.  They have a simple (sort of Muji) vibe don't you think? A great stylish, unfussy option for an environmentally friendly reusable shopper bag and a bit bolder than the usual tote bags out there.  I particularly like this 3-pack of the striped designs... 

They do more than just the classic shopper bag too - I'm not usually a fan of beach bags but now with two kids I'm like a regular bag lady, so this weekender bag in nautical Sailor Stripes is begging to be taken on my next trip to the beach hut by the sea, it's a perfect summer holdall.
And, maybe more than the rest, I love this simple leather pouch clutch bag... Like the best accessories in life it can be dressed up or down and would go with anything and everything. I'm going out for dinner with Mec on Friday night (it's about time!) and I'd love to complete my outfit with this cool clutch. The only question is black or brown?! (or both!)

Images via Baggu & Ebay

Not So Little Anymore


Thursday, 18 July 2013

I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast! Today was Tabby's last day at playgroup, and come September she'll be off to big girl nursery. She's nearly 4... I can't believe I have an almost 4 yr old! She had such a lovely last day. There was an end of term party and she dressed up in her Sleeping Beauty princess dress and wore fairy wings (this girl knows how to dress for a party!), and then afterwards all the kids and mums went for a picnic in the neighbouring park. It was so great just to watch her hanging out with her little buddies. I wonder what this smart, interesting little girl will be when she's grows up? I'm such a proud mummy right now :) 

Simple Summer Sweatshirt


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I know the weather is stupidly hot at the moment so there's not much call for a lightweight summer sweatshirt, but I did a bit of cheeky shopping today (it's sale season, I can't help myself) and bagged this  great simple top from Kin at John Lewis.  I'm a sucker for grey, especially in basics like tees and jumpers, and this is very much like a Whistles top I'd been eyeing up in the sale for ages.  What do you think? Loving the details - raw cuffs perfect for rolling up, the curved hem and small breast pocket! Is it wrong to say I might be looking forward to the weather cooling off so I can wear my new purchase?! I think it's got to be teamed with skinny jeans, and then dressed up with maybe my French Connection clog heels and a chunky statement necklace... Have you hit the sales? Sometimes it's got to be done! :)

Smile Print


Thursday, 11 July 2013

I love this fab print by Kerry Layton of Seventy Tree... It would be perfect for Sam's room if we ever get a bigger house! But for now I think I might just buy it anyway and stash it away for when that day comes :)

Good Times


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Despite being a full time, stay at home mum and (theoretically!) not going out to work, it's not often I have a morning where I've got nothing going on or somewhere I'm supposed to be. So this morning, upon finding myself in the glorious sunshine and having dropped Tabitha off promptly at playgroup (for once!) I thought I'd take advantage of some one-on-one time with my little chap Sam and take him on an adventure into town.  It was such a fun morning... I decided we'd take the bus because what little boy doesn't love the bus right?! It was so nice leaving the car at home for once and just watching all the people getting on and off.  Then once we were in town, Sam hopped out of the buggy and was just in heaven toddling around and looking at everything! I'm normally in such a rush, with a buggy, bags, two kids in tow and generally running late for something that it pains me to say that I'd forgotten how much little ones just love stopping to smell the flowers and closely inspecting the stones on the ground. After we'd exhausted town, there was just enough time for a quick stop at the park before it was midday and time to collect his big sister from playgroup.  Thanks for a lovely morning little Sam, it really was a pleasure! :)

Heart Ring


I've had my heart set on a beautiful little ring from Brooklyn-based shop Catbird for ages and today was my lucky day! My folks have just returned from a two-week trip to NYC to see my brother and his wife, and my very cute little niece Marni, and were kind enough to bring me back this pretty little gold Heart ring. It's so delicate and sweet... a perfect accessory to any summer outfit! I wish I'd been able to actually visit the shop with them, they said it was full of lots of little treasures and lovely things.. Oh well, one day perhaps. In the meantime, thanks M&D! xx



Monday, 8 July 2013

I don't mention my shop often, I'm pretty rubbish at self promotion and like to think if people are looking for the sort of stuff I stock they'll find me somehow! But I was excited today to be featured on a fabulous kids design blog, Bobbyrabbit. Founded by ex-Habitat buyer, Nicky King, the blog features daily posts about all things cool for kids, from toys, furniture and interior design. I hope you'll check it out, it's a lovely site.  And of course, do stop by my shop, I sell a neat card or two!

A Nice Place To Sit


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I stumbled across this image the other day during a nosey around the internet (read here avoiding the housework!) and I just can't help myself from staring at it... It's just so pleasingly simple and calm.  I could sure stop here a while!

(Image from Cotton & Flax)

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