Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I'm loving Baggu shopper bags at the moment... At first glance they might not seem like much to shout about, but these durable shopper bags come in an array of cool colours and prints, and I love their pared down style.  They have a simple (sort of Muji) vibe don't you think? A great stylish, unfussy option for an environmentally friendly reusable shopper bag and a bit bolder than the usual tote bags out there.  I particularly like this 3-pack of the striped designs... 

They do more than just the classic shopper bag too - I'm not usually a fan of beach bags but now with two kids I'm like a regular bag lady, so this weekender bag in nautical Sailor Stripes is begging to be taken on my next trip to the beach hut by the sea, it's a perfect summer holdall.
And, maybe more than the rest, I love this simple leather pouch clutch bag... Like the best accessories in life it can be dressed up or down and would go with anything and everything. I'm going out for dinner with Mec on Friday night (it's about time!) and I'd love to complete my outfit with this cool clutch. The only question is black or brown?! (or both!)

Images via Baggu & Ebay


  1. Oh they are ace. Love those striped ones, they'd be great for doing the grocery shop. I liked their backpacks too. x

    1. Yep, I've ordered the blue & white striped one for when I need just a few things from the shops or if I go to the library. Really want the leather pouch too but having trouble finding it for sale in the UK at the moment - the search continues! x


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