Rainy Day

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Is it just me or is anyone else enjoying this rainy day we're having?! My house is vaguely tidy (for those who know me you'll know this is an achievement and for that I have to thank my friend Lynsey who came round with her kids for a playdate this morning - there's nothing like the prospect of a visitor to get me doing housework!) apart from the lounge (see below, is it the summer holidays after all!) and it's actually really nice just to have a lazy day at home without the pressure of feeling like I should be out and about with the kids providing some sort of organised fun in the fresh air.  As it is, Sam's asleep and Tabby is engrossed in Sofia the First (again) and it's, well, peaceful :) Oh and I've been eating my way through a tub of chocolate cornflake cakes.. oops!

Toy carnage!

After starting the day in a sundress, Tabby wises up to the downturn in the weather and puts on a random selection of winter clothing... It's freezing apparently!

Said chocolate cornflake cakes... yum!


  1. she looks a totally different person to the one who appeared later wearing her princess dress!!!


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