Gold Watch

Friday, 2 August 2013

I can't remember the last time I wore a watch, it was probably something like 1996! (And back then I wore a lot of things I'd care to forget.. does anyone else remember those awful FCUK slogan tees? Oh dear!) So given it's been over 15 years or so, it probably goes without saying I'm not really a watch person. I can more than easily get by just using my iphone or looking for the nearest wall clock to keep time.

However, recently I've developed a strong fashion itch for a watch - and a specific watch in particular.  As per usual I knew what I was looking for before I found it, so I've been searching the internet for a while and looking at various blogs, and at last I've spotted my perfect watch.  It's gold, it's chunky, but with a lovely simple watch face that balances out the masculinity of this style. Perfect right?!

Oh sigh, when can I make you mine?.. Only 3 months til my birthday...

Street-style Images: top / middle / bottom
Michael Kors watch Image:


  1. It’s lovely! Given that the last time you wore a watch was back in 1996, I think it’s about time you adorn your wrist again with a beautiful timepiece. I hope you got something just like that for your birthday. Cheers!

    Jake Schwartz @ Gold Fever Catch it!


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