In A Funk

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Today's post is more of a whinge I suppose than a post, so I should probably say now that if you're in a good mood don't let me bring you down, stop reading as I'm in kind of a funk at the moment... I couldn't tell you exactly what's wrong, if I knew that would be fab as I could sort it out and cheer myself up. As it is I feel adrift! I think a little bit of it is mild panic that the summer is coming to an end and although I love autumn (who doesn't right, that back to school feeling, new notebooks, wearing boots and scarves again!) I'm not so keen on winter and it's general gloominess. However I don't think it's all that, it's something else too.

It's like I'm pondering something, except I can't think what it is I'm pondering... I've been lying awake in bed at night wondering in the darkness, and in the day I'm sort of just going about my business with the kids - park, picnics, playdates, etc - but all the while thinking hmmm, what's the deal?! 

On the off chance of some divine inspiration, I googled 'in a funk' (do you ever do this, google stuff to see what answers might lie out there on the internet? I googled what should I do with my life once out of curiosity but alas nothing useful popped up) and I came across this little flow chart... It doesn't exactly hold the answer to the meaning of life, nor does it tell me what's bothering me at the moment. But it does quite simply hint that if something ain't right, then change it.

So, with the weekend approaching, I think I'm going to do a bit of quiet meditation (yes, I know, maybe I'll send the kids swimming with Mec!) on what I might be able to do to change gear a bit. You never know, new season, new start?!

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  1. Oh boo to feeling like this. 2013 has not been great for us although we have had a good summer so it's made things slightly better than the start of the year. But I totally get where you are coming from. Waking up at night overthinking things is the worst though. Have you tried yoga? I find that very calming. Alternatively a big old glass of vino always helps me out! X


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