My Weekend - Southbank

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

On saturday my mum and I took the kids up to London for a sunny afternoon on the Southbank.  Mec was away in Wales mountain bike riding with a friend for the weekend so it seemed like a nice opportunity for some mother and daughter time and a fun adventure for the little ones. We hopped off the train at Blackfriars and walked along the riverside until we reached the London Eye and the park next to it.  We had planned to go on the London Eye but naively we'd forgotten that this was a major tourist attraction on what was indeed a sunny saturday in August (duh!) and so on seeing the queue we quickly changed our plans! Fortunately for us there was a wonderful carousel and a vintage mini car ride for the kids to go on so everyone was happy!

That carousel sure did go! (and no, I hadn't anticipated that I would be straddling an ornate horse later that day when I chose to wear my favourite dress that morning)

Sam taking it easy in his little red car

Right opposite the skate park, which sits underneath the Royal Festival Hall, was a really enormous sandpit for kids (and big kids!) to get stuck into! Of course, there was no holding my two back (yes, Tabby did strip down to her knickers to play in the sand, and yes she was the only child who was half naked!)

Sam teetering on the edge of danger as always!

Out to lunch... my little fella is always so happy :)

I absolutely love this photo - it might even be my most favourite photo of Tabby yet... and it gets better (see below)

Oh dear... I was kind of annoyed with Tabby at this point for daring to sulk when such a huge bowl of ice cream had been placed in front of her, but to be fair to her it was an amazing dessert for a 3 yr old to be presented with and then mummy and grandma come along and scoop a big fat chunk of it out into another bowl for your baby brother and hey presto, your dessert doesn't look nearly as amazing anymore :(

After recovering from the ice cream debacle, Grandma took Tabby down onto a little beach by the Thames for a play! How fabulous is the skyline of London in the background... it was a beautiful day x


  1. Ha! Love the sulk face on Tabby - brilliant. And I'm rather liking those apple sunglasses, they are very cool. Looks like you've had a great day out. x

    1. Definitely a pic to pull out at her wedding! As for the sunglasses, cool aren't they... Sam loves anything of Tabby's!


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