My Weekend And Navy Sweatshirts (And Grey Ones)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

So did you have a good bank holiday weekend? Ours was fairly low key - I got some down time on Saturday when Mec took Tabby to the cinema for the first time, to see Monsters University, and Sam decided to have a really long nap so I vegged out in my pjs for most of the morning, drank tea, did some bits on my laptop and generally caught up with things. It was lovely. Then on Sunday we had the christening of my friend's little baby boy which was a really sweet occasion. My two didn't really sit still for the church service at all but we made it through without disturbing the service too much and then enjoyed a nice little reception catching up with friends. Monday we did some much needed sorting and cleaning around the house, followed by a family outing to nearby Hatfield House - the gardens are really beautiful and there's a pretty cool adventure playground and a farm for the kids.  All in all a good weekend :)

I also spent a bit of my weekend feeding my new obsession for Autumn - the sweatshirt. I'm going nuts for navy ones, and grey ones (but then I was into grey ones before, having bought my Kin grey sweatshirt a month or so back).  It started when I saw this APC navy sweatshirt via a fav blog of mine Danse La Lune and I got looking on the APC shop site. Simple, comfortable and on trend, I can totally get on board with wearing sweatshirts this season!

An easy, effortless look...
I really like this menswear style too, it reminds me of when I used to steal and wear my brother's tops when I was  teenager... it was the 90s, baggy was cool.

I definitely can't stretch to APC's prices however, so I'm wondering about either of these sweatshirts from Whistles. I love the grey one but it's selling out fast online, need to be quick! With a lightweight khaki parka, skinny jeans and my converse (I'm debating some new trainers but have worn converse for so long now I don't know what else I can pull off!), that's my mum-on-duty uniform taken care of for the next couple of months!


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