A Little Mother's Day Gift Guide


Thursday, 12 March 2015

It's Mother's Day this weekend of course and I for one am looking forward to breakfast in bed, preferably with tea, pain au chocolat, a magazine, and if I'm very lucky hopefully a couple of homemade cards from the kids! I'm always torn on Mother's Day between wanting to spend the day as a family, enjoying quality time together and feeling thankful for being a mum to two lovely little kiddos (assuming that is that everyone is on their best behaviour of course, no nail varnish is being painted on the newly painted walls - yes that happened this week - and we're not arguing about how it's not nice to call mummy a meanie every 2 minutes when things don't go their way!) and wanting a whole day off, all to myself, without the kids, which might sound a little harsh but would be oh so lovely!

At 5 and almost 3, my two are still a bit young to co-ordinate any sort of present buying themselves, so it kind of falls on my husband's shoulders to arrange a gift for me, if that's what's happening this year... As a I said, breakfast in bed, flowers and cards (homemade or otherwise) are always a delight on Mother's Day but sometimes a treat in the form of a present is nice too of course!

So here's my sort of gift guide to Mother's Day this year...

1. A classic stripe tee is perfect for day to day wear with the kids, and this tee from Chinti & Parker has a fun twist which I love.
2. A bit budget-busting, but if you're on the look out for something extra special, this gold necklace from MayaBrenner.com is perfect. I'd have T and S obviously for Tabitha and Sam, but it would also be nice with just your own initial too.
3. I've been eyeing up these triangle earrings by Tom Pigeon for ages now, and would be great for adding a little extra something to an everyday outfit of jumper and jeans. They come in lots of colours, but these pale grey ones are just so pretty.
4. You can't go wrong with a leather pouch, for cards and small change, or for carrying around make up bits, etc, and this Mog Leather Zip Pouch from Donna Wilson is just the right side of quirky!
5. I don't know about you but I generally seem to carry around about 4 different lip balms at any one time, and yet I still think I could find room in my life for this one - Mojito Lip Balm from Malin + Goetz sounds too good to pass up!
6. I recently bought myself this little cat enamel brooch on a bit of an impulse but as soon as I saw it I couldn't resist. It's cute right?! (And no this post is not sponsored by Donna Wilson, ha ha!)

I hope you all have a lovely Mother's Day, whether with your kids, your own mum, or whatever you do... Enjoy!


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