Baby Brain

Friday, 4 May 2012

So I've been trying to post for days now (or is it weeks?!) and thought it would be apt to post about "baby brain" as since having Sam I've caught a serious case of it!! So far it's taken me 15 mins to write this sentence and now Sam's woken up and is crying!...

I have never been the most organised of people, and am usually running late for everything, but since having Sam I have really noticed a change in my ability to hold a train of thought or focus on a conversation.  I guess my attention is just wholly on Sam at the moment (and Tabitha of course!) and so my concentration span is at capacity at the moment.  Did you ever get "baby brain" after your children? How long did it last?  Here's hoping my brain hasn't permanently left the building!  

Here's a few photos of Sam from today - we were spending a little one-to-one time in the car whilst waiting for his big sister to finish her ballet class.  He's only 3 weeks old but already he's got such a character.  I love him! 


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