Hooray For The Weekend

Friday, 1 June 2012

Hope you have a lovely long weekend despite the drop in weather.  I've kick started my weekend tonight with a bottle of wine and a take out with the girls, to be followed by a street party on Sunday if the weather holds out. (I can't say I'm a big Jubilee fan myself but who doesn't like an excuse for a party and Tabby will love the novelty of being allowed to play in the street!) Hopefully the sun will start to make a reappearance later in the week and we haven't just had the best of the summer!!

In the meantime, here's a few things from around the web that I'm liking...

How cool is this shirt

I really, really want this cake stand - I'm even baking more so I can justify to myself that I really, really need this cake stand! The yellow is my favourite but the red is cool too.

Love the nautical style of this swimsuit from J Crew, but think this swimsuit  from Accessorize is more my budget at the moment (and thanks to two kids I need a one-piece, luckily they're in right now!)

Anyway, enjoy the bunting and the cucumber sandwiches, wherever you are!


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