Mother's Day

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

As a stationary lover (bordering on obsessive) I relish any opportunity to seek out lovely cards, and with Mother's Day (Sun 18th March) approaching I would happily pick out my own card for my little girl to give me! But of course that would defeat the joy of giving and being treated.  Fortunately though I can turn my attention to picking out a card for my own mum and I've begun scouring my favourite sites already!

Firstly, Alison Hardcastle, who has a great range of hand printed cards, by her own fair hand no less!  Her online shop is my go-to site for cheerful, friendly cards with a quirky style.  

Alternatively, if you want something a a little less whimsical and a little more decorative, then canadian-base studio Banquet Atelier have a gorgeous range of pretty cards which might fit the bill.  

If retro is what you're after then this Mother's Day Belle & Boo have got some great old school designs with a modern twist that really hark back to the quaint illustrations of children's books gone by.  Their cards are available directly from their site which has loads of other cool kids stuff to check out too, or from Nineteen Seventy Three, another great paper goods site I love.

The only thing left to do now is to decide what to do to celebrate Mother's day... I'm hoping for breakfast in bed, a copy of Vogue and a lie in!!


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