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Monday, 5 March 2012

Whilst away this weekend I spent some time thinking over baby names and trying to decide whether the couple (and I mean literally a couple!) of names Mec and I have down on a scrap of paper are still contenders or if there's anything else out there I like the sound of.  We don't know what we're expecting so we're considering names for both boys and girls, and I have to say it's been much harder to think of names for boys!

Did you have difficulty thinking of names for your little ones, or did you choose names handed down from family?  Were you swayed by popular names, or quirky names, or ones you felt showed a bit of individuality?  With my first baby I found I worried a lot about what family and friends might think of my choices, but also wanted to choose a name that was a bit more unusual.  (Tabitha actually came totally out of the blue in the end, popping into my head literally just after I'd given birth, whilst still rather high on gas and air!)  I feel more confident this time and think I'll worry less about what other people might think.

I read a tip on another blog, A Cup Of Jo, a while back which was quite funny, called the Blind Date Test.  Imagine being set up on a blind date, and hearing the name of the potential date for the first time... does it sound appealing or intriguing enough that you'd want to meet that person?  Quite an unusual way of getting a feel for a name don't you think?  If I can't come up with at least more than one boys name option soon I might consider this technique!


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