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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The seasons are definitely turning, there's a chill in the air this morning that I've not really noticed yet. Autumn's been flying by this year, and there was definitely christmas music playing when I was in M&S on the weekend! Yikes! Mind you, I do love the festive season so once all the birthdays are been and gone in our house (November's a busy time!) I'm happy to look ahead to December and start thinking about christmas shopping.  I try to take time to think about what to buy for people - make a list and then go looking online & out and about for what I want to buy, rather than hot foot it to the shops in a buying frenzy. And, as always, I think I'd like to get crafty this year but it doesn't always happen. For my birthday I got this fab crafty DIY book so I'd love to be able to give some homemade presents this year, fingers crossed I manage it this year!

It's a lovely book by Ana Alicia, who runs her own jewellery & accessories business. I can't wait to give these projects a go, I particularly like the cork pin boards, which would also make good coasters if made with smaller cork mats. I'd definitely recommend this book for your christmas list! x


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