Post Birthday

Thursday, 31 October 2013

If you've got kids you'll probably be doing what I have been doing so far this week... enjoying a break from legging it to nursery everyday, trying to think of exciting, family fun activities and days out where not everyone else off on half term will also be, and drinking a lot of tea! As an added bonus Mec has taken this week off work so it's been nice having him around and hanging out altogether. 

The past few days have also been well-earned rest after the craziness of Tabby's birthday on the weekend. 4 year olds know how to party! It was a fun weekend though and everyone enjoyed the homemade birthday cake. I was really pleased with how it turned out, it tasted great and was certainly pink so ticked all the important boxes! You'll have to excuse the pictures, my iPhone screen is totally smashed and the camera is slowly dying (hmm, time for an upgrade!?) but you can get the gist... I'm not a fan of buttercream icing but it was a nice and simple way to decorate the cake and achieve the compulsory pink colour, and a good tip which I discovered on a foodie blog somewhere was to flavour/colour the icing with raspberry coulis instead of red food colouring - nice and natural, and tastes  good too!


  1. Oh my that looks so good! Happy belated birthday to Tabby.


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