Hooray for the Weekend And My Little Guy

Friday, 18 October 2013

Sometimes it's good to slow down... Life has just seemed so busy recently - from when I get up with the kids at 7am, to when they go to bed at 7pm, it's feels like I barely sit down! So today, after taking the kids to a toddler group this morning, rushing back for lunch, putting Sam down for a nap, getting Sam up from his nap, dropping Tabby off at nursery, heading out to the shops to do some secret shopping for Tabby's 4th birthday next week, then popping home for a quick snack and nappy change (Sam obviously, not me!!) before nursery pick up, I finally slowed things down a bit and decided to take a nice, slow walk to collect Tabby from nursery, and Sam and I had so much fun! 

I'm really enjoying this stage, Sam is 18 months old now and he is such a happy chappy! He's into everything - scooting on his sister's scooter, playing peekaboo (our new favourite game, which I love as "boo" is currently his only word apart from "mamma"!) and just generally finding the fun in everything we do - it's a joy to see. 

We've got a few things on this weekend so I guess there's no rest for the wicked but I'm definitely going to try and remind myself to just slow things down once in a while, as generally it's the little things that are the good things, right!? Have a good weekend! x


  1. He is such a gorgeous little chap! I love those orange laces. x


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