Cool Cable

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

How neat are these USB cables for iPhone/iPod! A perfect little stocking filler (I can't believe I keep referring to Christmas already, it's obviously going to be one of those years when I get really into the festive mood - do you have some years like that, when you're really into it, and others when you're not so much!?) Anyway, I'm digressing, again! 

I just came across these from Urban Cottage Industries and I think they're such a cool twist on something which is usually just so functional. I'm definitely feeling the black and white, and the red and white cables. There's a whole range of colours to choose from.. check them out here.

Black & White, £9

Red & White, £9

Fuschia Pink, £9


  1. Oh they are great. Love that black and white one. x


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