Zara Knitwear

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Zara is one of those shops I just never shop in - there's not really one local to me, I'd have to go into London or to the nearest large shopping mall to find a store (and it's fair to say my days of hanging around Watford shopping centre spending my clothing allowance are well gone - with two small kids I'm more of an internet shopper now!) and for some reason I hardly ever think to look at their website. Which is silly really because I actually really like their style - minimalist, subtle detailing, affordable... what's not to like!?

Case in point, this amazing knit jumper that I really, really want! With it's cool, utilitarian look, perfectly chunky neckline, and available in blue or grey (which will of course go with everything) I can't think of a better way to stay warm this winter! 


  1. That is a gorgeous sweater. I love Zara and go in regularly but never find they have the thing in stock that I've seen on the website! x

  2. does Zara deliver? just order it, I have that sweater and it is totally cozy


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