Hooray For The Weekend + Simple Summer Dresses

Friday, 30 May 2014

Man, have I got that friday feeling this afternoon! 7.30pm and a glass of wine beckons! It's been a long week... Half term kind of crept up on me and I wasn't really prepared with a schedule of action packed activities like some other, more organised mums. So it's been a week of ad-hoc outings to soft-play (mental!), the big park (Sam fell in the lake!), and the farm today (which was actually ok, until the overtired meltdown at the end!) in a bid to keep everyone occupied and happy. This photo from today reminds me that it's (almost) all worth it though - Tabby and Sam loved the carousel today, going on it 3 times back to back, and were busy blowing kisses to everyone. It was very cute, Sam thought it was hilarious. Kids eh!

The week might have been somewhat more enjoyable if the weather had played it's part and been a bit sunnier. It's been mild, granted, but the constant threat of rain has rather put a dampener on things. It can't be long now til the summer sun arrives for a good, surely!?

Just in case it does anytime soon, I've been indulging in some summer wardrobe shopping and bought a couple of little summer dresses. I'm not one to wear anything skimpy and generally the word sundress fills me with dread. However, I refuse to spend another summer limited to trousers and maxi skirts just because I don't have amazing (or even half decent!) legs - I'm hoping with a hint of fake tan perhaps and some effort put in to help tone that I can too enjoy that effortless feeling of slipping on a summer dress and some sandals and being all set for fun in the sun.   

This Topshop denim dress, above, will look great with some chunkier heeled sandals (which also should help balance out my pins) and a statement necklace. And this uber-summery dress, below,  from Mango is a definitely one for that super hot day when only strappy sandals and a pair of sunnies are required.

Have you got your eye on anything for your summer wardrobe? I'm also on the look out for a denim jacket and summer hat (H&M looking promising for both), and a new swimsuit - I like this one, in Tropical Orange, from Boden but can't really justify the £59 price tag!

Have a good weekend - we've got our annual street party on Sunday, I hope the sun at least makes an appearance! 


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