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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

So last week I did something that I've wanted to do for ages - I got a tattoo! I actually already have one on my lower back (yes you know, the 'tramp stamp'!) which to be honest I hardly ever remember is there... I'm more of a one-piece swimsuit kind of gal since I had kids and so it never really sees the light of day except for when I'm dressing/undressing and my husband has a laugh at the slightly wonky hallmark of my uni days! But despite not particularly caring about the design on my back, I do love what it represents - a moment in time when I didn't worry, over think or judge myself. I just went with my instinct to have fun and, for that, it will always make me smile.

And so, here I am, let's say a few years later, and my desire to have another tattoo has got the better of me again. This time I did take longer to consider carefully what I wanted to have done, and where. I even collected inspiration on my Pinterest board as we do these days! But for me the message is still the same, to go with it, to trust myself to do what makes me happy and not to worry too much about what if I might regret it when I'm old and grey, as surely not going for it is what I'll regret more!

I'll get a pic of it up here soon, at the moment it's healing and not in it's most photogenic state, but here's a look at my inspiration. As you can see it's all about hearts...

What do you think about tattoos? Are you a lover or a hater? Have you ever done anything you felt was a little bit crazy?


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