The Industrial Look

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How great is this industrial looking Paolo 6 ceiling light! It would look amazing in an entrance hall or kitchen, and I bet you'll never guess where it's from? BHS of all places, and whilst I'm not saying its cheap, I think it looks much more expensive that it's £150 price tag! 

And there's more... these industrial style Juno Diner pendent lights from BHS also are fab and would be perfect for a kitchen/dining area. I love the monochrome flex cable too, it's a nice touch. Again, at £45 each, I'd say they're good value. Nice work BHS!

And whilst it wasn't a bold new light fitting, we got ourselves a bit of industrial kitchen design on the weekend (something I've wanted for a while.. I know, there are bigger things in life, but hey, I like toast!) which was a Dualit toaster. We had a bit of an accident with our old toaster when a certain small person in our lives had hidden a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD in the toaster and I didn't notice until it was too late! So now we have this beauty on our worktop and let's just say now if anyone puts a dvd in this one I'll not be happy!!

Anyone for tea & toast?! :)


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