House vs Home

Sunday, 9 March 2014

I'm too grumpy to blog really, but then I was thought that blogging should be about talking about all the things, not just the fancy, or the new, or the cool, and anyway, isn't a problem shared a problem halved or something?! 

So in that vain, I'm posting to say I'm cross, or fed up, or something. We've been house hunting now since the end of Jan when we sold our house in a mad 5 mins and took a punt on a bigger house around the corner.  That house didn't happen, but still we thought let's try and make the move anyway, seeing as we'd been talking about looking for a 3-bed ever since Sam came along really. 

Well, we've offered on 3 houses now and we've not had much luck. We're in the process of offering a sealed bid tomorrow on a 4th house (so please cross your fingers and toes that we pull this one off!) but I have to say it's not really fun anymore. The St Albans housing market is a bit like the London market, it moves ridiculously fast, and so I feel a bit like I'm panic buying, but for a house rather than an ill-fitting dress for a friend's wedding the next day! It's madness, and I'm trying to keep my emotions in check, but it's hard spending so much money and not really knowing if that ill-fitting dress is going to look ok in the end after you've styled it up a bit in your own way (or if it's still going to look like your Grandma's curtains!)

I like to daydream that if I had a bit more gumption or adventurous spirit I could pack up the hubby and kids and we could find an opportunity elsewhere, abroad or somewhere, as I've never really lived anywhere else and often wonder what else might be out there for us.  But then I think too that I like my life here, and I have an amazing family who will make any house a home so I should probably just brush my self down and keep going!

Here's hoping on tomorrow, I'll keep you posted! 


Image - Home is Wherever I'm with You print in Black, from Tuesday Mourning


  1. Oh boo, poor you guys. Sorry I'm just playing catch up now it's my first day off in weeks! Did you get the house?

    And it's totally okay to vent on here, we all need to do it sometimes. x


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