Picnic Time!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Wow, what amazing weather we had on the weekend, and for March too, not bad! As life has been getting sunnier, I've started hitting the park with the kids for impromptu picnics and it feels so good - since having kids just hanging out in the park with them in the sunshine is one of my favourite things to do. It's easy, free and the kids are always happy and exhausted after enjoying the freedom of having a good run around. On friday we grabbed a little lunchbox each from our local supermarket and went to the playground across from Tabby's nursery for a little spring picnic... these couple of shots of Sam kill me, he insisted on carrying his own lunch all the way from the shop to the park, but it was a bit heavy so he kept having to stop and regroup everything! It was too cute! (I know, the dummy ain't good, we're trying to cut back but some days he's just too tired and grumpy to give it up!)

(This is just another photo from the weekend which I'm so glad I managed to capture! It doesn't happen often, but there's definitely love between these two!)

I hope you had a good weekend too :)


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