An Exciting Project - Update

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I had my chair collected this week as it's going off to a professional to be stripped back and inspected. I wish I could renovate it myself but I really don't have the skills or knowledge needed to tackle it - the chair's ok to sit in but it creaks a bit and there's definitely some springs in the seat that need attention so hopefully a bit of TLC from a professional upholsterer will sort it out. The hardest part so far has been choosing the fabric for the recovering, I've been debating my options for what feels like ages... it's so hard to make up my mind!

At first I was definitely sure about going for pattern - I love bold, scandinavian style inspired prints and wanted something striking but in neutral tones that would fit in with my house decor in years to come.  Then I started to change my mind, thinking plainer was the way to go, like perhaps a nice grey wool or felt fabric, as I could always brighten it up with an eye catching cushion (or cushions!). Tricky huh!... But in the end I have gone full circle and have decided to go with Skinny laMinx's Flower Field fabric.

If it looks as good on my chair as on this chair above then I've definitely made the right decision - fingers crossed!


  1. Very lovely just found you via Jen at little Birdie!

    1. Hi Tracey, thanks for checking out my little blog!

  2. I'm very impressed - it looks great! Definitely something I would happily have in my own home!


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