9 Things I'm Thinking Right Now

Saturday, 8 August 2015

It probably would have made more sense to be 10 things I'm thinking about right now, but when I jotted down the little things going around my head, it was simply 9, so there we are... 

BTW, I make no claims that these thoughts are deep, meaningful or interesting!

1. I really, really want to fly out to NYC for a holiday. Like now.

2. I'm really pleased with my new bedside table (Kilo, from Habitat by the way, in white)

3. I love our new dog, Ted, but he's a pain in the ass! No really.

4. Kids are tiring. Cute though!

5. I really want these sunglasses. Like badly.

6. I hope camping is fun next week - I really need to get organised. 

7. Is it possible not to buy any clothes, shoes or accessories for myself for 1 month? (And if not then do I have a shopping addiction?)

(No image, just see above, point 5.)

8. I need to eat healthier tomorrow

9. Maybe I'll get a new lamp for my bedside table...

Night y'all x


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