I Heart Copenhagen

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Well, it's sure been a while. I think I'll just start all my blog posts like this now! I'd like to say I've been super busy or engrossed in something new and exciting, but actually life around here has been the norm. Some fun things have been happening too of course though. Like my wonderful husband surprising me with an anniversary weekend away to Copenhagen last month! Pretty awesome surprise I'll say, and somewhere I've been wanting to visit for ages. I've been meaning to share my trip on here since our return a couple of weeks ago, mainly because I just want to tell everyone how great Copenhagen is, but it's taken me until now to get my act together.

Here are some photos from our trip if you'd like to see.  I found the whole place just so cool - the buildings, the people, the food, the bikes. The street style was ridiculous - effortless, minimal, cool... But of course it was the one thing I couldn't really photograph without approaching random strangers.  But I did take lots of other pictures which hopefully give you a sense of the place. And sorry, there's quite a few, did I mention I loved it all!?

The streets and buildings around the Indre By area were great - a mix of apartments, businesses, and shops, this was probably my favourite area of Copenhagen.

Bikes everywhere!

Watching parents biking their children around in big bike carts was so interesting - some kids had cushions and blankets in there and were just snoozing! 

The shopping was so good, especially for homewares, obviously! This homewares shop was full of lots of things I liked and we ended up buying some neon orange flex for our dining room light fittings at home - snazzy :)

Just a few of the things that caught my eye - a whole department store for design-led homewares and interiors, I didn't know what to look at first! The HAY shop was fab and I loved the DLM tables and the wall loop hooks. 

On the saturday we found a little cafe for breakfast, it was so cute - we wanted to take this teapot, below, home with us!

By the canal that runs through the city to the river

The Black Diamond building, and below, the view opposite across the river

The harbour - too touristy unfortunately but still cool to see the iconic buildings along the harbour

Another pit stop for coffee & tea - my cake doesn't look all that appetising, but it was good - chocolate and nut rye bread. Quite bitter but nice with tea (and a few mouthfuls of Mec's super-sweet coconut volcano-type cake thing!)

On sunday we headed to the Design Museum - do you think I could find room for this chair at home?!

The ceiling in the entrance to the Design Museum

Danish open sandwich - rye bread, sliced beef, salad and peppers - so good!

We rode bikes around town one afternoon - loads of fun but not as easy as the Danes make it look! 

Dotted all around town, Joe the Juice was a great pit stop - this is strawberry, apple and banana, yum!

Finally, we couldn't help but smile at the sockets, like little happy faces! This one looked like he was wearing a hat!

I'm definitely planning to go back to Copenhagen again sometime, only an hour's flight, easy peasy! Have you been? I highly recommend it :)


  1. Oh my! Now I want to go there - loving the photos and 'hot buns' *heh heh*

    1. Lovely to meet you tonight, was fun! Yep, you should definitely go there, loved Copenhagen, I didn't want to come home!


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