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Thursday, 3 July 2014

I don't know if you have noticed, but bears seem to be all around at the moment and I'm really loving looking out for them and discovering lots of lovely bear things!

It started a little over a year ago when, on our anniversary, my hubby gave me this Butty Bear card above, from Lisa Jones Studio. I stock some of her lovely cards over at a neat little shop and had loved this card for ages so it really put a smile on my face when I opened it (even though the bear looks a little sad!).

Then, knowing how much I love my little card (seeing as I've had it up on the mantlepiece for a year!) M also surprised me the other day with the new Butty Bear mug from Lisa Jones' new ceramics range. I love it so much (I'm a bit of a weird cup-obsessive when it comes to tea drinking and the size and weight/style of this cup is perfect!) and so now always drink my tea from it :)

So I thought I'd round up some of my other favourite bear friendly things at the moment... 

This set of bear tableware from the fantastic Donna Wilson is definitely something for the wish list - I have a couple of her plates already on my wall (the Fox and Meg plates) which I love very much - and these are just as wonderful. Especially that set of Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear bowls, would make a lovely new baby gift for a family.

Bear Plate

Daddy Bowl

Mummy Bowl

Baby Bowl

Bear cup, all by Donna Wilson

I also love Seventy Tree, since discovering Kerry Layton's blog of the same name, a couple of years back, and particularly like these bear prints, perfect for a cool kids room. 

B is for Bear, Seventy Tree

Circus Bruno, Seventy Tree

And sticking with prints, as we all love a nice print don't we, this small print from Old English Company is cute - perfect in a simple, little frame. I like this edition from Southwood Stores, but there is a grey edition available on the Old English Company website.

And I really love this print from Banquet Atelier - the red is so striking and would make an eye-catching statement on the wall. I kinda wondered about this for Sam's bedroom wall in the new house (it's becoming like a running joke now, 'the new house', that's if we ever move!) but M thinks it's a bit scary for a kids room - I saw it here and it looked cool, but the jury's still out I guess. 

Bear Print, Banquet Atelier

Looks good right?!

So, want to join me on my bear hunt?! :)


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