Summer Sale Shopping

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I can't believe it's taken me til the grand old age of 33 to get the real hang of sale shopping, but at last the penny's dropped and no longer do I trawl busy high streets buying end of season wear that I probably never wanted or needed anyway - instead, I now research, plan and prioritise. 

If I see something during the season that I just love, but for whatever reason is just beyond my reach that month, I make sure I keep a note of it. Then usually, without wanting to sound too obsessive, I keep checking back most days to the site where I saw it (of course if it was in your favourite store then stopping by the shop everyday isn't realistic but most things are online these days), to see if there are any special offers or flash sales happening. And, most importantly, I sign up for the e-newsletter which will alert me to any seasonal sales that are about to start. Being one of the first to know about the start of a sale can be the difference between bagging that much desired item and not! 

Which, I'm pleased to say, is just how I got my hands on these fabulous pieces from one of my new favourite stores, Chinti and Parker. I'll be honest, generally speaking this label is out of my price range and I couldn't justify buying these items at full price. However, on sale I feel it's worth the stretch as I just know I'll wear this top and this skirt over and over again.

Such a great everyday look with skinny jeans and trainers

I am in love with the midi skirt at the moment - such a flattering, easy to wear length. I plan to wear this with a simple, fitted black short-sleeve tee tucked in and some chunky wooden mid-heel sandals. And probably a statement gold necklace.

And truth be told I still have my eye on this dress (in grey) - fingers crossed it is reduced further in the next couple of weeks!

And going for the sporty look, I also bought a couple of vintage style, athletics-inspired tees from J. Crew which I just love. They're linen so they're really lightweight and drape really nicely. Perfect for taking it easy on the weekend!

So, have you been sale shopping recently? Bagged anything special? Don't you just love sale season! :)


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