Love Heart Tattoo

Thursday, 5 June 2014

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'd got a tattoo on my wrist, and finally I'm getting around to sharing pics now that it's all healed up. I was going to say that tattoos are either a love it or hate it type thing, but I don't think that's strictly true - my husband doesn't mind the couple I have but has no desire or intention to get any himself as he just doesn't see the appeal; and I like mine and a few others on other people, but I really don't like the David Beckham approach to covering yourself in loads - so I guess there's loving them, hating them, and a little medium place in between. 

Anyway, fortunately for me (now that it's permanently stuck to my arm) I love my new love heart tattoo and I'm really pleased I went ahead and did it after thinking about it for a year. 

As I've mentioned before I already have a tattoo on my lower back which I had done whilst in my second year at Uni. It was a total spontaneous thing and I didn't plan it or have any grand designs on what I was going to have put on my back. As it turned out I chose a kind of surfy/tribal type symbol (as you do) and although the design itself has no real meaning to me, I love it all the same as it's a constant reminder now, in my much more grown up state of being a wife and mother, that once I did something reckless and just purely for the fun of it! 

So, then, some years later (let's not count!) comes the desire to get another tattoo and I decided to get a heart tattooed onto my wrist. This time I took a long time to think about what the design would be, why I wanted on my wrist, and well, why I wanted it at all! I have a particularly inquisitive 4 year old daughter who I knew I'd have to be accountable to in terms of explaining what it was and why I had it (and no, you can't get one, or at least not til you're older!!) so I wanted to make sure I was 100% happy with it. 

And really, for me, it came down to this. I wanted to get the tattoo as I really wanted, needed to do something just for me.  I'm not particularly rebellious, I don't do things just for a reaction. I don't mind if people love it or hate it, as I really did it for me - I began to think that to regret doing something, or to regret not doing something, was surely the same thing so why worry too much about it all (in life and in tattoos...), just trust your gut instinct for once. Now, when I see my heart tattoo it reminds me to love myself and to trust myself, and above all, to just be myself. It's so freeing to feel like I did something just because I wanted to, and it just brings a smile to my face. 

And that's got to be good reason enough right :) x


  1. Love it, and love your reasoning behind it too. I got mine done at 21, a little seahorse on my left shoulder. It was something I'd thought about for a long time and I still like it now. x


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