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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

This morning I am very happy! It's a lovely sunny morning and the sky is blue (for now anyway!) and whilst sitting down to my usual breakfast of tea and toast (with a side of laptop, it's a bad habit I know but I like a little morning peruse of the internet while I eat breakfast - it's the modern day version of reading the back of the cereal packet, right?!) I've discovered 91 Magazine. So far I've flicked through 2 back issues and I can already feel my morning schedule slipping. Who wants to go to Sainsburys and do the food shopping anyway!

I can't believe I haven't stumbled across this beautiful online mag before, what with all the design blogs I read, but better late than never and I can't wait to get stuck into the other copies. I love that it's british too - so many of the blogs I read are based in the US, it's nice to see what's going on a little closer to home.

And this is just the kind of inspiration I need right now - our house search continues and I think we're about to buy a bit of an ugly duckling house but that could have lovely potential with a bit of creativity and vision. I find myself changing my mind constantly about whether to just go for it or not (we love our current house so much it's hard to leave) but I'm getting excited thinking about all the new opportunities this house could bring for changing things up a little!

A peek inside some of the back issues, it makes me want to get crafty!


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