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Monday, 24 February 2014

How lovely was the weather this morning?!! After a good couple of weeks cooped up indoors getting through two bouts of Chickenpox, we were all more than ready to let our hair down and burn off some energy in the great outdoors today, and feeling the sun on our faces in the park today was bliss!

Sometimes I can't believe how quickly my two are growing up... I try so hard to remember to snap these simple outings before they're a distant memory. Not everyday goes smoothly, that's for sure, and as my Grandmother told me numerous times this weekend "you must have the patience of a saint"! However I really do love being their mum!

Scooter Sam... He's crazy fast on that thing!

I really don't want this little guy to grow up anymore - stop now please!

Those of us who remember the 80s and cycling shorts know that they went out of fashion for a very good reason, yet Tabby insists on rolling up her leggings like this!

(Sorry, I really do hate selfies as they're called, but sometimes when you take all the shots, there are no photos to show you were ever there!)

What else is there to do when you're 4 other than lie about in the sand!?


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