Do or Don't: Capsule Wardrobes?

Thursday, 11 September 2014

So what do you think? Do you believe in the concept of the capsule wardrobe? Do you think it works as a way to define your style, or does restricting your look like this take all the fun out of shopping and playing with fashion?

I've been getting quite into the concept of the capsule wardrobe recently, and have started following some pretty cool blogs dedicated to style and the creation of the capsule wardrobe. As you'll know by now I like shopping and I like my clothes, and try where possible to buy better and buy less in a bid to avoid cheap fashion and quantity over quality trap. So maybe in some ways my wardrobe is already edited, but believing more and more in the philosophy that less is more these days, I think there's still work to be done. 

The first blog I've been reading for a while now is Into Mind, which can seem like a bit of an unusual blog at first with it's ultra utilitarian style and minimalist approach, but has some really interesting features and tools for helping you explore style and what works for you.  

The second is Un-Fancy, a blog I'm really loving at the moment which is very down to earth and has a great free wardrobe planner to download, in case you fancy re-evaluating your current wardrobe. 

Another blog which can be good for outfit inspiration, even if it's not as polished a blog as the other two is Good Life For Less. Whilst not always completely my style, I do enjoy the 'This Season's Must Haves' and the 'How To Style' series.

So, in the run up to Autumn I've been trying stop and think about what clothes I wear the most, what suits my current lifestyle and where is best to spend my money and invest in my style. The first thing I've done is have a big clear out of my wardrobe - everything came out, and was either put in a yes, no or maybe pile. The maybe pile was then tried on and for each item I asked myself why I was considering keeping it - was it an old favourite? Did I just like the print or pattern even if the style didn't suit me? Was I hoping to slim down to fit back into it, etc. After being totally honest with myself I found I was able to let go of a lot of things that I perhaps had been letting clutter up my wardrobe (and therefore my head!) for way too long, and can at last see clearly what I own and actually like! More to the point, and this is the fun part, I can also see now what I don't have but could perhaps look to buy that would be useful and worthwhile buying. For someone who can be easily distracted at the shops, I think this will help me keep focused and not waste money on something I a) already own in some form or another, or b) don't really need.

I have downloaded the Unfancy wardrobe planner so I'm going to get stuck in and see if it can help me define my style for the new season ahead. Fun! 


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