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Monday, 3 December 2012

It would be fair to say that things are a little crowded at our house - we live in a two bed victorian terrace which I love and there are some great period features, like original fireplaces in every room, but with two small kids and no clever storage space, we're bursting at the seams.  Sam is still in his cot in our room (at the foot of our bed, bless him) and so we don't even have our grown-up bedroom to retreat to when all the toys and mess get too much.  So I was really pleased when last week I spotted this great little retro table in a vintage shop down the road, which fits perfectly into a little nook in the corner of our kitchen and has become a little haven for me and my things.  I only set the desk up last week so not making the best of it yet, but already I love having my own little space.  

My little desk is just the right size for my laptop, a couple of files, and for keeping my stationary out of reach of little hands! Also, on the chair, is my gorgeous Donna Wilson Badger cushion which was a recent birthday present and I love it. 

The print on the wall is Counting Birds, from Isak.  The files are from Ferm Living and Paperchase. There's also my two Donna Wilson plates sitting in their boxes, waiting to be rehomed onto the wall.(Excuse the photo - had to stick the lights on as the sun just kept hiding away!)

The yellow stem Orla Kiely bowl was also a birthday present, and is great for holding all my bits & bobs - present labels/stickers, cards, washi tape, etc.

Do you have your own desk or personal space in your house? It's only a small thing but it's making me so happy right now :)


  1. I love your little desk space! Great find. And your accessories look great with it too. I'm trying to do something similar for myself, our stuff is spilling out everwhere! x

    1. Thanks for checking it out, I'm glad I'm not the only one battling the clutter and trying to create a little bit of zen space! I blame it on the kids.. Ha!

  2. A lovely little space(no matter what size) can be just what you need to feel a bit more in control. Plus it is fun arranging it with all your favourite bits and bobs :) Nick and Morten x


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