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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I've discovered some new blogs this week which has been nice... Little Birdie, Hello Olive, My Scandinavian Home and Morten and Me. It's been fun reading through some of their recent posts and finding inspiration and a fresh perspective from what these gals are in to and choose to write about. And in some ways these blogs kind of popped up at the right time too, when I was beginning to feel a bit fed up and, I don't know, a bit blah about all things bloggy.  

Therefore this morning's post from Morten and Me really rang true with me today... (read it here) Sometimes there's just nothing going on.  Well nothing interesting anyway. You know, life is just normal, mundane perhaps. Don't get me wrong, I love my design blogs as much as the next person (what do you think I aspire to here!) and read my favourite blogs daily. But just sometimes I don't have my morning cup of tea in a beautiful, handleless scandinavian-inspired designer mug, and maybe this morning I ate just boring old toast for breakfast off my daughter's plastic animal plate because all the grown up plates were still in the dishwasher. It was just nice to hear that for everyone sometimes life is just life. And we all have dull photos... (but actually the best thing about those pics of our boring old life is that, to us, if we're lucky, they're not dull photos at all!) :)

Here's a few dull photos of our trip to the park today... I love this time of year, Autumn is so pretty.

Out and about scootin'

Sam recently discovered the swings!

A dab hand at the swings!

Looking cool in Daddy's sunglasses!


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