The Day My Laptop Died :(

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Monday morning, got tea, got toast, got 5 mins to spare when Tabby is engrossed in CBeebies and so went to check my emails only to find that without warning or a fuss my laptop has gone and died on me.  D'oh. It was working the night before, I even shut it down properly before heading to bed instead of just flipping it into sleep mode like normal.  But nothing, nada.. It won't boot up. Hence no blogging for me just now.  I've had my In-house IT guy (aka Mec) working on recovering my data for me and there's hope that a new drive (I may sound like I have a clue what I'm talking about here but I really don't!) will bring my laptop back to life so for now I'm crossing my fingers.  (For this post I've snuck onto Mec's laptop whilst he's busy on the iPad but he'll want it back soon!)

I'm also typing this very slowly, with one hand, as I have a baby tucked up asleep in my other arm, so I guess what I'm saying is once I've sorted out my laptop problem and am not stuck under a small but increasingly heavy (albeit very cute) object I'll get back to blogging soon!


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