Baby Brain

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I can only apologise at the moment for what appears to be the onset of baby brain... Whilst in this limbo of waiting I can't seem to get my thoughts together to blog about all the things I want to, so I'm sticking to short posts at the moment until the fog lifts!

Alas, I'm bringing you another Etsy find in Depeapa (sparked from a necklace originally seen in this post from Oh Joy!) but with such cool and original handcrafted stuff I know you'll forgive me!

I'm totally in love with this geometic design pendant necklace.  It would look so great with a simple outfit, like a white vest and dark jeans.

Whilst my love of tote bags continues with this bold geometric mountain design, printed on natural canvas.

And if I had my own home office or desk area, I'd be sure to hang this print above my workspace - could there be a cheerier way to start your day?!!

All images via Depeapa


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